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Financial Crisis

You can get the latest Financial Crisis and Credit Crunch news from the UK and how it is affecting the global economy from
If you’re fed up with reading about the financial crisis, have a look at the financial crisis in pictures.
Lesson idea: Use the pictures for TOEIC-style listening quizzes. Make up four statements about a pic, only one of which is true. Read them out to your students, who have to say which is the correct one. Or get your students to come up with the statements and test each other. Here’s an example:
A: All the men are working on their computers.
B: The traders are all speaking on the phone.
C: None of the men is wearing a jacket.
D: The tailors are in the office. (there’s usually one stupid option on the TOEIC)

Job Quiz Slideshow

1. You could use this slideshow in various ways. I put my students into teams of three and gave them a copy of this worksheet. I then showed them the slides and got them to fill in their answers on the sheet. Afterwards, I went through the slides again, checking the answers and getting the students to describe what the people do in their job.
2. As a follow-up, you could play a game of What’s My Line using this list of jobs. (See here for a classic example.)

How (not) to improve your TOEIC score

JoongAng Daily reports that police in Seoul, South Korea, have detained two suspects on charges of raking in some 50 million won ($38,750) from 28 university students and job seekers in exchange for using electronic devices to send test takers answers to questions on the Test of English for International Communication, or Toeic. Full story >>
All of our new students now have to get 750 on the TOEIC before they can graduate. I hope this story doesn’t give them ideas!